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Today there are many groups and organizations trying to promote awareness of the condition of our planet earth. They are looking at the ecology by studying the needs of animals, of the lakes, of the atmosphere, of the oceans and of the planet. They deal with the subjects of pollution and contamination. They worry about; the greenhouse effect, global warming, the killing and senseless slaughter of animals in the many different forms that occur. Many of these groups have earned fame because of their daring actions such as the organization called Greenpeace and we recognize their sincerity. We do not in any way, shape or form wish to diminish the importance of the message of any of these groups.

What Earth Native is about, is the recognition and acknowledgement of being just that, a native of the planet Earth; not being a citizen of one country. Of course, each person is a citizen of his country or geographic sector, but all of the occupants of the Earth are Earth Natives, and in this collective term, the Earth belongs to all. Everything within the Earth is interconnected from the oceans to the rivers, to the clouds, to the lands, to the forests, to the mountains, and to the animals.

Consider the journey of one drop of rain falling on the highest mountain, traveling downward with fellow rain drops until it forms a stream, then a river and then finally it flows into the ocean where it becomes part of the whole. The Sun then draws that drop once again into a greater form through evaporation and the formation of clouds.
The air that you breathe has been used before. The oxygen within the air was breathed by those who inhabited this planet a thousand or even ten thousand years ago. This planet has yet a long life. Scientists have theorized that other planets have come and gone in the universe over time. Our planet is still young and here upon the planet Earth it is a fruitful time. This planet has yet a long life within the system. The Sun will burn for many, many generations to come. Yet there are threats to this planet.

There are dangers mounting and we must take responsibility. It is not someone else’s problem. Contamination is our problem. Pollution is our problem. Useless abundance of waste is our problem. Mismanagement of our resources is our problem. We are part of the collective group causing the problem. Actually, the planet Earth would have no problems if there were no humans upon it.

Humans are the only animals who can think, who can plan and who can prevent both the destruction and the deterioration of this planet. Other animals have always managed to maintain their balances; they have come and gone in their cycles except where man has mismanaged them or their habitats. The insect is part of the Earth, and follows a pattern of work and action without having to think, but the insect does not seek to destroy nor does it create pollution, nor do the animals for they are in their balance, they co-exist.

Now is a very critical and crucial time. The Earth has many ways of restoring balance, some of them are cataclysmic and at any point in time when the planet is stressed, events can occur where the Earth tries to bring itself into balance. Each person needs to look to the needs of the planet. They need to find what they themselves can do to contribute to the Earth’s well being and to this balance by: reducing the contamination, reducing the waste, and reducing the poisons that are placed into the ground and into the atmosphere.

What value has the technological society if it is only traveling a road of suicide? Our nomadic ancestors took from the land and in order to let it rest and recover they moved on to other sectors to take benefit of fresh land. Now there are too many people and there are too many systems making demands of this planet. It is not a problem for the next generation or the one after that. It is a problem today. The pouring of one gallon of gasoline into the Earth is a crime, not from the legal standpoint, but from the Earth’s. You would not give poison to your mother to drink, but you would poison your Mother Earth? You allow the contaminations to be buried deep in the Earth where their effects will not be known for a long time. It is a bleak picture if we do not do something now. It is a time of responsibility. All it requires is that each person accept their role of membership in this plan as the children of the Earth, Earth Natives….Be One.

Look to what you may do in a small way to help reduce the problem. You build your homes and destroy the forest. Then to make the entrance to this home more practical, as you would say, you pour asphalt or concrete upon the ground. Is it so difficult to drive your car or vehicle upon a grassy path? Do you not appreciate what each blade of grass means to you in the sense of life? Consider for a moment how much of the green of this world has been taken away. You cannot produce oxygen artificially so when the plants and trees stop making it, what shall you breathe? The population of the World expands too rapidly. That is a natural element, but even so how can you allow the expansion in areas where there are no natural resources to support the expansion?
The Earth has many gifts to give. Amongst them is the ability of the Earth to feed you. You are now reaching the point in population where it is time to consider that the carnivorous lifestyle is not a practical one for the future. The amount of effort required to create one animal then raise it to produce food is out of balance. The costs are too expensive and the slaughter is needless. The animals too are natives of Earth. All are part of one and the same. Reconsider your priorities. It is better to eat the chicken’s egg than the chicken. It is better to take the milk from the cow than to eat the cow.

All of these things are part of the conceptual problem. The consumption, the mindless consumption of products and goods have reached the proportion where if all persons upon this Earth insisted tomorrow to have a car and clothing and comforts, as many do, then all natural resources would be consumed within a decade. The Earth Native protects that which is theirs and in the collective sense they work together to bring balance.

Primitive ancestors had more of a sense of balance of nature than we do today. Is a revolution necessary? Probably, but today each person can look and say I am an Earth Native. They can pledge that they will to do their part to save the planet Earth by keeping her safe and healthy for future generations. This is the first step and it is a bold one. It is a challenge to take responsibility. If in your belief systems you believe that a deity created this Earth for you to live upon, do you truly believe that He or She created it to be abused and destroyed? There is a responsibility of maintaining harmony and balance.

Strange as it may seem a family of two or three persons could produce all of the vegetables they need in a small plot of land no more than 3 x 15 feet. Think well as you travel through your giant markets of food. Realize that as much food as you consume is also being wasted and disposed of as garbage each day in equal amounts. Yet, there are too many people who are poor and hungry; are they not also Earth Natives?

It is good to preserve food for it enables one to guard their food supply for a period of time, however it is not good to destroy the Earth in the process. You would not allow someone to come and destroy your house or to pour tar or poisons upon it, but you permit it to your planet. Is not your house upon the planet? Are you not upon it? You have aught else? Do you have anyplace to go beside the Earth?

It is the Earth that has immortality. Man is part of that, but only if he chooses to be part of it. One does not eliminate the tragedies and travesties of nature by being attentive. Surely as the Sun does rise, this planet shall suffer the ravages that are being laid upon it and in less time than this century the problem shall be widespread if nothing is done to help.

Be an Earth Native or be gone.

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