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Look up and see the stars and our moon at night and imagine looking back at earth as the astronauts have done. Through their eyes and their photos we have seen ourselves from space.

What a sight, it inspired me to rejoice as an EARTH NATIVE, filling me with a feeling of pride, excitement and pleasure to be alive at this time in the history of this great planet, our home, PLANET EARTH.


Displaying this symbol somewhere, you will be joining us in the focus of safeguarding our home planet collectively as we reach for an improved, heightened consciousness as EARTH NATIVES coming together to be our planets' keeper.

Earth Natives...............
What can we do as individuals ? How can I make a difference in the direction the environmental changes are going. I have heard it expressed that if the path we are following is not changed there will be serious irreversible effects. Do you believe this, have you seen anything happen that makes you wonder ? There is a school of thought that the changes we are experiencing are normal and natural, nothing to worry about.

I think that everyone down deep in their hearts knows that the planet is struggling. People can sense this. They may not understand why they feel this way, they just do. It is time to pay attention to that feeling and start making a difference.

It may seem like it is too late but it is never too late for change.

Displaying the Earth Native symbol will encourage others to think about their relationship with the planet and what they can do personally to make a difference. Read the narrative.

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